Pams Patio Kitchen

If you are going to Pam’s Patio for lunch, be sure to get there a shade on the early side. Pam’s cookin’ has been known to pack the locals in the smallish dining area right when traditional lunch time starts; however, true to the name, there is abundant seating in the outside patio. You just […]

Kitchen Food Pantry

Kitchen & Pantry StorageYou can never have too much kitchen storage, but you may not have enough.Supplement your storage needs with standalone pantry cabinets for a convenient and attractive solution.Kitchen and pantry cabinets with a clear glass front are the perfect place to store extra dishes, fine china, or specialty glasses.A solid wood cabinet can […]

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Browse ideas for small bathrooms and full bathroom renovations. Discover how-to videos to help with your bathroom makeover projects. 8 Bathroom Storage Ideas Maximize storage capacity in your bathroom using clever ideas from this stylish, resourceful space. Learn More Paint a Bathroom Vanity Don’t trash a dated but sturdy bathroom vanity. Learn how to paint […]

Splash Guard Kitchen Sink

Home Feeling Soaked At The Sink? Do you feel like you sometimes need to dress like this to use the sink? Okay. I know these photos seem a little extreme, but you get the picture. This is how you should feel every time you use the sink. You don’t need to get soaked using the […]

2 Cube Storage Unit

category true Cube Storage Make storage stylish at home with these fashionable, affordable deals on storage cabinets. Cube storage is the latest trend! Easily customize your look with color combinations, and open and closed storage cubes. First pick your storage cubes – 6 or 9 cubes, with or without shelves, and brown or white. Next […]

Room Tour Kids

bellini room tours Take a sneak peek into beautiful Bellini nurseries and bedrooms. Our interior designers will give you a guided tour showing you before looks to amazing transitions. Our interior designers also share their design tips on organizing, color, and what decor items to use. Hear different mom’s share what inspirationed them during the […] Living Rooms

How do I decorate my living room?When it comes to living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. When considering different living room ideas, you’ll want it to be a space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable, but is also functional for day-to-day living. When thinking about living room colors, most people […]

How To Get Rid Of Kitchen Gnats

Search Add New Question Why do gnats fly right up to the face, nose, eyes? They are so aggressive. wikiHow Contributor They’re not aggressive, they’re just attracted to carbon dioxide, which is emitted by your mouth and nose. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 8 Helpful 61 How can you tell a gnat from a fruit […]

Good Bathroom Colors

Next Up Bathroom Lighting Spread it around with recessed fixtures and indirect lighting. Three-Quarter Bathroom Get tips for designing a just-the-basics bath for guests or secondary use. Can’t-Miss Color Tips from David Bromstad Take it from David Bromstad, host of Color Splash and the season one winner of Design Star , these color tips will […]

Kitchen With Oak Cabinets Kitchens Kitchen Cabinets Cabinet Styles Decorating with Oak Cabinets Through the 1980s and 1990s, oak cabinets were the popular choice among builders for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms in homes across America, and they remain in many of them to this day. Oak is a hard wood and if properly cared for can still […]