Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What Kind of Mask is Best For COVID-19

What Kind of Mask is Best For COVID-19

We know that mask at this point is a very important tool to help prevent transmission of COVID-19.

we’ve seen that when people have been exposed to somebody else with COVID-19 infection if they’ve been wearing a mask, they oftentimes are protected from getting infection themselves. So massive demonstrating themselves can consistently be a very helpful tool in preventing infection.
important tools with wearing a mask, they have to be worn regularly.

So it’s really important that when you’re going out, in addition to remembering your phone, and your keys, to take your mask with you is easy to forget because these are relatively new and the things that we have to take with ourselves when we go out somewhere.

But taking your mask is important. Wearing your mask, as intended is also really important.

So it has to cover both the nose and the mouth. And so oftentimes you see people wearing their masks underneath the nose. And that’s a no-no because the respiratory droplets can be both spreads from the wearer of their noses. But also you’re exposed and those droplets can reach the mucous membranes of your nose. Finally, you get a higher risk of acquiring the infection.

So if you’re not covering your nose and mouth, you’re still at risk.

it’s important not to touch the front of the mask, since you can contaminate the front of the mask. It’s a good idea to put it on and take it off by using the loops at the back of the mask. Or take it off from the back and doing hand hygiene before and after you take it on and off

N95 Masks

and then a well-fitting mask works better than a loose-fitting mask in general. Although, both are to protect yourself from droplets coming in, and also to reduce the number of droplets that might come out.

N95 masks are masks that are specifically used generally in the healthcare environment. And they can be used even when providers are in the room with somebody with COVID-19 infection during an aerosol-generating procedure. So they protect not only gets the large respiratory droplets, that can be transmitted by anybody with COVID-19 infection, but they also protect against the very tiny little droplets that can travel further distances.

pls, make sure that 95 respirators are fitting appropriately and performing appropriately so that it has a good seal. And again, for that reason, you tend to see it only in the healthcare environments where that fit testing can be performed, they can be uncomfortable if they’re worn for a long period of time, because they have a very tight seal. Again, you need to have more of a seal when you’re trying to protect against these smaller droplets. That again, fortunately, we see only very rarely again, when COVID-19 patients have aerosol-generating procedures.

Surgical Face Masks

The surgical mask has been around for a long time everybody’s familiar with those. Obviously, they were invented for surgeons to wear during operations to protect the patient from the surgeon’s mouth, but they also protect the wearer from respiratory droplets coming in as well. seen that used in the healthcare environment and very important there protect against the large respiratory droplets that COVID-19 patients can produce when they cough. So very important, very helpful tool in the healthcare environment.